One of our customers sent me an email:

Hello, Penny!

I browse the What’s New by date listings every day. Last week, I noticed that after selecting a date, I got a message showing an error. Please see image below.


This page appears when I try to open one of my order histories as well.

Sammydress Solution:

Dear Sammydress customers – if you are experiencing this glitch, please remain calm. This glitch is specific to only a few regions, and the rest of the site is functioning well. You can still enjoy:

  • Browsing
  • Saving your favorites
  • Placing an order
  • Connecting with our Customer Care team

Sammydress’s dedicated tech team is currently finding a solution. The following image is the screenshot of our conversation about the page errors which our customer referred.sammydress-reply

Now, the first error has been resolve, but the last one need a little more time. The tech team will keep us updated, and we will keep you informed of their progress in solving this glitch. (Updated on 1/9/2017: The tech team has kept us updated, and we are happy to tell you that both errors have now been resolved.)

sammydress-whats-new-updateAt Sammydress, we truly appreciate customer advice and feedback, and we care about your issues. So please keep communicating with us.

If you are having any other problems with your Sammydress experience, leave a comment here below. Be assured: we will hear your voice, take action, and focus on solutions.

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