Customer reviews note that payment options are an important factor for them when shopping online. Sammydress appeals tremendous amount of customers worldwide. To support customer choices, we accept a range of secure and convenient payment methods, even some that are localized.

1. Credit Card

1.1 Advantages of credit card purchasing in Sammydress:

1.1.1 Payment details can be promptly seen online. You can figure out when you made the purchase, what you bought and how much you paid for any transaction, anywhere and any time.

1.1.2 Credit card transaction safety is protected through the huge data base from credit card issuing banks. That is to say, the banks also monitor your credit card activity. All the details of your online transaction are recorded, excluding third party  risk control systems.

1.2 What card types does Sammydress support?

Buyers can pay securely by credit card (including Visa, Mastercard, Amercan Express,Maestro ,Discover)credit card

1.3 Credit card payment channels are supported by Sammydress:

  • .GC (Global collection)
  • .Worldpay
  • .Braintree

2. PayPal–the most popular online payment method in the world!!!

2.1 What are the advantages of using PayPal in your Sammydress order transaction?

2.1.1 PayPal protects your personal information from being divulged. Your bank card and bank account information won’t be revealed to anyone else when you make payments.

2.1.2 With a registered PayPal account, your legal rights in each transaction are protected by PayPal. If you did not receive your products from Sammydress or you’re not satisfied with the product’s quality, you can create a dispute or claim about it, and PayPal will assist you throughout until Sammydress resolves your issue.

2.1.3 PayPal supports multiple currencies and quickly exchanges them for you.payment method1

2.2 Sammydress also accepts the following two sub-payment methods.

2.2.1 Credit card via PayPal

Within the PayPal system, you can make a payment using your credit card. this is helpful if you don’t have a PayPal account or PayPal is limited in your country. In all of these sub-payment transactions, PayPal still protects your legal rights, as described above. payment method2

2.2.2 PayPal Credit

Buy now and pay over time with PayPal credit when you spend up to $98.99.

You can pay your balance in full by the payment due date that is on your statement to avoid paying any interest.

Or just make the minimum payments until you’ve paid off your purchase and pay the accumulated interest from shipping date (usually within a few days of your purchase date).

PayPal credit will send you email reminders when your payments are due. You can also keep track of your account and view your statements online at any time.payment method3

3. Wire Transfer

Featuring fast transfer speed, high accuracy, and convenient collection, Wire Transfer is more suitable for urgent Sammydress payments over $500.

For more details about how to pay via Wire Transfer, Sammydress suggests you contact our support center.payment method4

4. Western Union

If you have already developed a long-term business relationship with Sammydress, or you can’t pay for your order successfully with other payment methods, Sammydress accepts Western Union. Payment through Western Union nowadays is not as complicated as it was in some countries namely America, England and Canada. Instead of traditionally going to the bank to make a transfer, buyers are able to make payments online or directly through a phone call.

What’s more, Sammydress provides a 5% discount if you pay via Western Union.payment method5

5. WebMoney

To diversify their payment methods, Sammydress supports WebMoney

Some merits of WebMoney:

Safety: Shoppers are safeguarded by SMS verification, remote IP login protection and multiple other protection functions when they make a transfer.

Internationality: Any individuals are able to create an account for free.

Privacy: Users can apply for a WebMoney account anonymously without revealing any private information.webmoney

6. CashU

Sammydress also accepts CashU, which is a prepaid online and mobile payment method available in Middle East and North Africa, where there is limited access to credit cards. Due to this CashU has become one of the most popular alternative payments options for young Arabic online e-commerce shoppers.


7. Boleto Bancario

Boleto is the most common local payment method in Brazil. For the convenience of Sammydress Brazilian customers, Sammydress has introduced Boleto as one of our supported payment methods.beleto bancario

With the above seven listed payment methods, Sammydress support our customers with a great range of payment options. Wherever you are from, whenever you pay, the Sammydress team is dedicated to fulfilling your requirements and solving your problems. Simultaneously, for your payment security and convenience, we will continue to implement the latest payment channels as they become avaliable.

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