When shopping online, it is understandable that customers want to feel confident about genuine purchases. Without being to hold and inspect goods, how do you know they aren’t knock-offs?

Many e-commerce businesses have advised knock-offs, and Sammydress has been accused of the same problem. But it is simply not true.

We want you to have confidence that Sammydress, such a well-known E-commerce company, upholds legal retailing of our genuine listings.

Online image theft has been a common problem in the E-commerce industry. Images without a watermark or copy/right have been inresponsibly used by different sites and social media platforms. The problem has escalated from moral to legal aspects since it perplexe customers’ confidence and prompts them to suspect a scam during their online shopping.

How does Sammydress demonstrate authenticity and what did we do to enhance the protection of our own images?

Globalegrow corporation, which includes Sammydress, takes copyright seriously on both products and images. Their spokesperson comments, “In order to keep costs as low as possible for our customers, our business model is not designed to compete with luxury brands. Our pictures were provided by vendors totally before

It is indicated by Globalegrow that, “From the beginning of 2016, we set up the photography team. Currently, some of our products are photographed by Globalegrow and some are photographed by our vendors, and we will check on the consistency between pictures and products.”

As the special industry model, Sammydress obtains original product images from vendors at the same time as products are listed. Problems turns up when some images passed the examination without a potential copyright, or an image->product inconformity was found which ultimately resulted in the censure Sammydress received from some customers.

We acknowledge that mistakes have been made, due to our systems needing more refinement, and we have done our utmost to solve any grievances that customers have identified for us. We are always striving to do better and better, and we appreciate your openness to an improved shopping experience with Sammydress.

Dressers making up Sammydress’s model
Photo credit to © Sammydress

With a stricter screening process, our quality control team has identified the vulnerable spot in the midst of the industry chain, throughout which a series of adjustments and optimizations have been enactedas follows:

The number one focus going forward is transparency. Sammydress is looking to ensure that each product posted on the site looks similar to the products users receive. Sammydress will not put any products for sale until sample products sent by the manufacturer have been compared to its image. The product will be posted only If the quality checks out, otherwise it will be rejected and forever banned.

Sometimes manufacturers who pass the sample test will send in a defective product by mistake. Sammydress staff are now better trained to catch such issues. A series of detection on quality, defects and size matching according to the order form will be done to the product before sending out.

Sammydress requests that manufacturers visit our head office where we lay out the company’s quality standards. Sammydress staff will go through the requirements that a manufacturer must meet before their product is posted on our site. This will ensure that Sammydress is only dealing with serious partners. Potential partners who do not meet with the company will not be allowed to manufacture for Sammydress.

Other than the optimization above, a mass innovation has been vigorously forged on image outputting, so as to get rid of the dependency on image demand from vendors. A professional photography team including selective models, photographers and dressers has been set up and put into use. By the year of 2017, all images to the product will be originally produced by Sammydress and inconformity between product and image will never arise again.

Dressers making up Sammydress’s model

Photo credit to © Sammydress

Image theft is immoral and illegal, and only when companies associated with each other cooperate, on either resisting piracy of images or reinforce awareness protecting their self-produced image, will the problem be solved completely.

Look forward to more information and news about Sammydress.com will be posted on Sammydress Reviews Blog.

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