Its a report compiled by Sammydress to analyse customer reviews from the last quarter of 2016

Sammydress is an international e-retailer based in Asia, but most of Sammydress’s customers come from North America. Due to the geographical distance and different time zone, after-sale customer relations are very important. So, Sammydress has analysed consumer reviews from the last quarter of 2016 in order to improve Sammydress’s service.

Sammydress complaints reduced

In the last quarter of 2016, Sammydress showed a significant reduction in customer complaints about the after-sale issue, from 28.43 percent to 6.37 percent. Optimisation of Sammydress’s pre-sales and sales process may have contributed to this change.

Sammydress report of Q1 after-sale issue:

Sammydress Q1

The 2 biggest reviews of Sammy dress are still about shipping and size

Comparing the last quarter with the first quarter of 2016, the number of Sammydress complaints has been reduced in a large range. The two main problems are shipping times and incorrect sizes. But Sammydress will continue to make improvements to minimise these issues in the near further.

Sammydress report of Q1 after-sale issue:

sammydress Q4

Customer reviews of Sammydress shipping is no longer the biggest complaint issue

Shipping issue for Sammydress was the biggest complaint about 12.85 percent of its customers in the first quarter of 2016. In Q4, this figure has been reduced to about 1.24 percent. The reason for this change was linked to the using of Priority Direct Mail in April 2016.

Customer reviews of Sammydress size keep a balanced level.

For Sammydress, there is still a small number of reviews dealing with incorrect sizes. This has been addressed by providing an online size chart that compares the US and North American sizes to Asian sizes and a model stats function for customers to perceive the size.

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