• Introduction

We’ve all been there, ordered that beautiful dress online, waited for what feels like an eternity until it arrives, and when it does, we discover just one snag, literally, it doesn’t fit! You ask yourself, surely I haven’t put on that much weight since last week!

It is common across the Internet as well as bricks-and-mortar stores around the world that there is a variance in sizing standards. This is probably the biggest frustration for online shoppers.

This article is aimed to help you find your best size on Sammydress.comWe have done our best to rationalize the differences between our suppliers into a table based on body measurements.

  • Size and Conversion Tables on Sammydress.com

Let’s compare a Sammydress size chart to an H&M size chart, which most likely refers to a universal one, for 3 product types including swimswear dresses, and plus size.

1. Sammydress Swimwear sizes

Since the range of “identical” size categories can vary from seller to seller, Sammydress’s M could be H&M’s M or S. For instance, the bust size of Sammydress’s M is 34-36, while the counterpart of H&M’s is 36. Also, the bust size of H&M’s S is 34 instead. Therefore, when you are looking for your size, make sure you choose on the basis of your B/W/H (bust, waist, and hip) measurements as well as Sammydress’s Size Guide.

Sammydress Size Guide:Sammydress Size Guide

H&M Size Guide:

H&M Size Guide

2. Sammydress Dress Sizes

According to the charts below, Sammydress’s Dress size seems to be one size smaller than that of H&M’s. For instance, Sammydress’s S is similar to H&M’s XS.

Sammydress Size Guide:Sammydress Size Guide1

H&M Size Guide:

H&M Size Guide1

  1.   Sammydress Plus Size

There are a lot of plus size clothes on Sammydress, as well as our specialized plus size product category. It helps more people create their own beauty style with us.Here is the size range of our plus size tops, swimsuits and dresses:




  • Tips To Choose Right Size On Sammydress.com

So, what can you do? There are 3 steps recommended for you:

(1)  Check out the Size Guides! They can be found under Product Description. We encourage you to measure yourself based on the Sammydress Size Chart..

All you need is a measuring tape in either inches or centimetres,  then you can compare with the Size Chart to ensure you’re buying the correct size.

(2) Other country’s sizes differ quite widely from China’s, so be sure to consult the Size Conversion Chart for each product just in case.size guide2

(3) But if you are still unsure whether you are choosing the right size, click the ‘Live Chat’ icon on the right side of the page,  and one of our customer carers will help you out.

  • Conclusion

Sammydress understands that mistakes can happen, like sending that selfie to your parents instead of your boyfriend), so if you’ve ordered the wrong product, Sammydress has 24/7 support — Get in touch, and one of our representatives will be glad to go through the return and exchange process with you.

Follow the instructions above, and your clothes will fit like a glove. Check out the NEW ARRIVALS and test the Size Guides yourself.

Please feel free to leave your comments below. If you found this blog helpful, why not check out our other posts? There are plenty of tips to ensure your experience with Sammydress is fun and satisfying.  Happy shopping!

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