If you like shopping online, you may know Sammydress. Sammydress is a fashion online store offering affordable women, men and children’s fashion, clothing, accessories, gift ideas and much more. But if you are new to Sammydress, you might have some questions about details such as the shipping cost and times, or determining your right size choices. The best way to get our help is for you to contact Sammydress customer service for more help. This article is a guide for you to choose the best way to contact their customer service regarding your questions.

Shipping, size , stock availability, and other presale questions

Before you place an order, you should be aware if you are planning to receive it by a particular date or event. Since Sammydress is located in China, the shipping time may be much longer than shopping in your own country. For international shipping, the shipping time can be affected by several factors such as the destination country, the shipping method, the customs clearance, etc. If you want to know the exact delivery time, the best way is to contact Sammydress Live Chat. There are 3 pathways on the Sammydress website for connecting with Live Chat. Have a look at these simple step and images:

  1. On any Sammydress webpage, you will see a sticky navigation strip in the bottom right corner. This strip stays visible, even if you are scrolling up or down. The strip has several icons for easy access to our range of extra services. One of these is Live Chat. Simply click on the icon and your Live Chat window will appear, ready to connect you with our friendly Customer Care team.sammydress-sticky-navigator
  2. Scroll to the bottom of any webpage and find “Support Center“. -> Scroll to the bottom of “Support Center” webpage-> Click “Live Chat”, you will find “Live Chat” icon at the bottom of the page. See example in images below:sd-support-centersammydress-live-chat
  3. Scroll to the bottom of any webpage and find “Contact US“->Click “Live Chat” among 3 contacting ways, you will find “Live Chat” icon at the bottom of the page. Or Click “Support Centre” among 3 contacting ways. ->Scroll to the bottom of “Support Center” webpage like the Pathway 2-> Click “Live Chat”, you will find “Live Chat” icon at the bottom of the page. See example in images below:


    Now you can just enjoy Smmydress Live Chat service for all your pre-sale questions. We have professional live chat staff avaliable 24/7, so you will never miss out.

For urgent problems

Sometimes, you may have some urgent problems after you place the order, such as changing the size or shipping address, canceling one item or the whole order. For these kind of problems, you’d better contact Sammydress with a phone call to make sure that the issue can be solved before your order has been shipped out. Sammydress provides high quality international Customer Service Support Line in English. You can just call them at +1-909-581-9508 on their USA help number. But please note that the helpline team is only avaliable during 7:30-21:30(GMT+8). Any other time, you should go with the Live Chat channel for more help, and they will be able to pass a message on to the correct Customer Care team. If we need more details from you, we will contact you via email to follow up.

Updated: Sammydress changed its phone number recently, the new phone number is +1-855-222-8111( A USA phone number); And the description of Sammydress Phone Contact Team’s office hours is more correctly. Cos some customer said they call sammydress but no answer. The new phone allow more people call us at the same time. 

For after-sale issues

Sometimes you may not be satisfied with your items, or sometimes you may receive defective items in your parcel. Please rest assured, you will not lose one cent for this kind of issue. Sammydress offers a 30-day return policy. Issues like item defect, wrong size, or even nothing wrong with the item but just you do not want it any more, all these problems can be solved with our support center. You will get the best solution from our after-sale customer service, once you submit a ticket.

How to submit a ticket to our support center

  1. As shown above, scroll down to the bottom of any Sammydress webpage and select Support Center.
    support center1In the next window, you can select the “Submit Ticket” icon at the bottom of the page:sd-submit-ticket-icon-1
  2. Or you can reach the same page by selecting “My Tickets” on the top right of your account page.sd-my-ticketsThen you can just complete the ticket form with correct information, Sammydress after-sale customer service will reply your ticket within 24 hours. Please note:
    • Please make sure that you have logged into your Sammydress account before you submit a ticket.
    • Please make sure that the email address is the correct one for you to receive our reply.
    • You will receive an email notification after Sammydress replies to your ticket, but you need to view the details in “My account” – “My ticket” on the Sammydress website.


    Thanks for taking the time to this article. We hope it will help you to enjoy problem-free shopping on Sammydress.

    P.S. Please note that Sammydress USA contact phone number and support center are not avaliable on weekends, but you can always ask presale questions or advice from our Live Chat team, who are available around the clock, 7 days a week.

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