Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of the latest in clothing and fashion, bags and accessories, and many more fantastic items and gift ideas. With our appeal around the globe, we are constantly refining our systems to give you the best results. However, like any business, errors can occur. Some customers have alerted us of issurs with their order. There might occur with shipment, quality or long delivery times.

Here are several solutions…

  • Protect your goods with a tracking number

There are three shipping methods to choose from during the Sammydress shopping process. Depending on the destination, you can expect:

1) Flat Rate Shipping (optional tracking): between10-25 business days to ship to the destination.

2) Standard Shipping (optional tracking): between 6-8 business days to be delivered.

3) Expedited Shipping (optional tracking): around 4-7 business days to arrive.

If you choose the Flat Rate Shipping, and do not pay the tracking number fee, normally you can / not track your parcel via your Sammydress account page. Without a tracking number, we are not able to follow up with any of the shipping agents outside of our facilities. In this scenario, if you alert us that your parcel is missing,we regret that the only suggestion for you is to pay the tracking number fee on your future orders.

Once your order is processed, we email you a shipping notification within 5-7 days. Tracking updates for your parcel might be delayed in appearing at the time, because the post office may update the logistics late. This is normal. If you still can/not track your parcel after 7-10 days, please contact Sammydress customer service and we can check it with the shipping company for you.

  • Quality control is one of our priorities

Our suppliers must adhere to top quality standards. Even so, a fault in a garment or  an item might occur. We won’t know this unless a customer alerts us. Then, we take two actions:

  1. We discuss the type of fault with the customer and, depending on the details, we are able to offer a replacement, store credit or a refund.
  2. We identify the issue with the supplier to avoid a repeat of any such quality problems. We also conduct random quality checks. If there are too many issues coming from a particular supplier, their contract with us is cancelled and all of their items are removed from our listings.
  • Delivery delays

If your parcel does not arrive within the estimated time, please kindly note that the actual delivery time may be affected by peak shipping periods, public holidays, bad weather /and other reasons. Sammydress suggests that you wait a little more time to receive your parcel.

If you want to get your parcel in a short time, you can choose Expedited Shipping. This shipping time is around 4-7 business days, plus the processing time depending on the product you picked. It could be shipped to you in one week. Pls beware that with Standard Shipping, the delivery time may be longer than the Expedited Shipping.

  • Missing parcel

If you have not received your parcel after the estimated time, please check your address in your account first. If your address is correct, then you can contact your local delivery agent at once. If they do not have your parcel, contact Sammydress straight away. We will check the status of your parcel with the shipping company and then give you a n expected due time. After this time, if your parcel is still missing, contact Sammydress again. we can now lodge complaint with the shipping company, and reship the parcel to you for free via anther shipping company.

Now that you are aware of the issues some of our customers have identified for us, you can feel confident in placing an order with Sammydress, knowing that there are always solutions. You are always welcome to contact us, even before ordering, to ask any questions. Our customer care team are ready to help you have a great shopping experience.

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