Sammydress is an integrated online store for women and children’s clothing and fashion, outdoor activities, and home and garden items. We aim to provide the most competitive products anywhere in the world. To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we refine the Sammydress catalog range and product quality everyday. With Sammydress, you are sure to receive the best possible products for your investment.

Same quality but better price

Sammydress has a similar range of products and quality to the brand H&M. However, Sammydress prices are half or even less than the Danish brand. Take for example the “short straight dress with long sleeves”. The H&M price for this kind of dress is at least $18, yet it is below $ 10 on

H&M long-sleeved Straight Dress PriceH&M long-sleeved Straight Dress

Sammydress long-sleeved Straight Dress Price:Sammydress long-sleeved Straight Dress

More styles, more choices

Compared with similar online stores, Sammydress have more fashion style products. For example, Sammydress has a larger range of 6000 dresses, while most other online store have only 3,000 listings. In order to help you, Sammydress is equipped with the most advanced filters, you can choose the category color, size, style, pattern type, neckline, sleeve length, farblic, embellishment, silhouette, and price of your choice.

Day by day on the path to perfection

With 1500 orders per day just for the French market, Sammydress is dealing with thousand of suppliers every day. In processing such big volumes, it can happen that a few deliveries are not an exact match to what the client ordered online. We are attentive to this concern and want every client to be satisfied with their order. In this sense, we work everyday on the improvement of our customer service and on the quality assessment of our suppliers. For every client’s complaint we receive, we investige that supplier for a random quality verification. If we find poor quality and/or too many negative results, that supplier will be blacklisted and its products removed from Sammydress website.

Number of manufacturers removed from catalog during 2015 (in hundreds).Number of manufacturers

Engagement of authenticity

Anyone who has photographed something will realize that the picture is different from reality. So, to give you the best possible view of a product, Sammydress provides many tools: different angles, zoom, variety of models. You can also find a gallery of photos sent by clients from around the world to help you get an idea of the product in use. Sammydress promises that the items on the website are the same as those sent, our team is dedicated to continue improving the consistency between the products and the pictures.

Photography Studio

Dynamic customer service

If you are really not happy with your purchase, you can always contact our customer services. We will answer within 1 working day and will try our best to find solutions. Solutions can be through the form of a refund, a resend or cash value for the next order. If you used PayPal, you also have the 180 days protection to refund your money.

Cheapest delivery services

With a price of 8 EUR per kg, Sammydress is proud to have one of the lowest shipping fees,  usually delivering within 15 business day for France. And often. Sammydress offers coupons and promotion that make the delivery free to your destination.

With a huge choice of items, very low prices and the cheapest deliveries, is the perfect place to create your own style, express your inner talent and start to save money.

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