The following comments relate to a youtube review named SammyDress Review!!-IS IT LEGIT?. Every business has its critics, and no business has a 100% track record, but at Sammydress, we are always striving to improve. We welcome comments from our customers so that we can refine our presentation to give you better understanding of how to shop successfully with us. Here are some genuine customer comments … of cause there are negative reviews, but I want to prove sammydress dress is legitimate and reliable, so i just posted positive reviews

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I’ve ordered from Sammydress a few times and so far haven’t had any major problems. I am quite small so I haven’t had sizing issues, but items do tend to arrive 2-3 weeks after being ordered. I’ve bought a few jumpers and dresses but I’ve been happiest with t-shirts from them because it’s pretty hard to fxxk up the sizing and stitching on a t-shirt. just make sure you read the size guides and reviews from other customers before you order!

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Love love love Sammydress :). I mean, for a male, a lot of items I ordered are amazing.

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Thanks so much for this review ~ ive been stressing over ordering from this place for almost a week now, reading all the reviews, blabbity blah, and it’s nice to hear from someone who hasn’t blown up in shock at the “outrageousness” of high time+shipping across continents and low quality for low prices. Being a tiny girl, I now feel fairly safe in buying from this company.

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I bought from SammyDress and I can’t complain about anything really. I read from others (before I bought from them, obviously) that the sizing was small so I bought the clothes in XL and my size in other clothes is M. The clothes fit me well.

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Sammydress is a lot better now that customers can post reviews with photos, that really gave me peace of mind when I want to see what sizing is like.

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