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If you are an online shopper, and like cost-effective apparel, then you will find plenty of great choices at Sammydress is a global online fashion retail store, featuring a wide range of clothing and shoes for women, men and children, fashionable accessories, home & garden, outdoor & sporting gear, and novelty items.. In other words, Sammydress has a vast range of affordable goods with something for everyone.

Since launching 5 years ago (May, 2011), like any business, Sammydress has had some growing pains. Despite our continual efforts to improve our system, and our high happy customer success rate, there are some online rumors claiming that Sammydress is a scam.

Is Sammydress a scam? Or legit? Can Sammydress survive with these difficulties? This article offers a personally, genuine Sammydress reviewer.sammydress

Sammydress reviews

First off, I decided if I want to review Sammydress properly, I should find out what other customers think. So I googled “Sammydress reviews”, and found plenty of customer reviews to explore. The first page of results showed both positive and negative reviews, and it was interesting to see that most of them are positive.sammydress-reviews

The first results are from

As the below screenshot show, shoppers greatly appreciate Sammydress customer service.

Considering that they are overseas, I want to know what efforts Sammydress makes to resolve any issues… So I click this link, and find that 3914 customers are satisfied, with 2911 customers giving sammydress a 5 stars, while 2562 customer reviews give Sammydress 1 star. The final tally is not a high score, but it’s not bad either. If Sammydress is a scam, how can there be so many people giving 5-star reviews?rating

The second result of Sammydress reviews is from

Wow, it’s a high score. It shows 8588 reviews for Sammydress, and giving 5 stars. Out of the different categories, shipping is lower than others, rating 7.7/10, but that’s still above average. Pricing is 8.89/10. Customer service is 8.9/10. Almost 8000 people wrote that they would consider shopping again with Sammydress.score1

The third of Sammydress reviews is from

It’s also a ressuring score. 1322 reviews with a rating of 8.1/10.score2

So, is Sammydress a scam? If just one review site gives such a high score for Sammydress, I feel assured that Sammydress is not a scam. With three review sites giving above average scores. I’m fairly confident to say Sammydree Is Not A Scam.

To confirm my opinion, I wanted to know more about these 3 review sites, so I researched them on Google. Well, all of them are professional review sites. SiteJabber (founded 2008, USA) is a web-based platform for customers to find trustworthy online businessed and avoid scams. ResellerRatings (founded 2001, USA) is an online ratings site where consumers submit ratings and reviews of online retailers. Trustpilot (founded 2007, Denmark) is a website which publishes reviews for online businesses.

Conclusion: Sammydress is not a scam.

Given the above analysis, I can conclude that Sammydress is not a scam. But why did the rumor “Sammydress scam” spread online? We understand that some customers might experience issues, and we are always striving to resolve these according to the policies shown on the Sammydress website. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction first time, every time – or to follow up with any complaints to achieve a reliable shopping experience for everyone. We regret that, for those people who needlessly spread negative rumours, there are legal channels that protect our rights against defamation. If such people persist in complaining far and wide instead of working with us to reach good solutions, they are putting themselves at risk of serious, libellous consequences. This is an avenue we are reluctant to pursue, but will do so if people do not retract their false reports.

As I mentioned, any business has growing pains. Here at Sammydress, we strive with all our hearts to deliver outstanding products and service.

Do you agree with the majority of reviews shown above? If you have a different opinion, please feel welcome to tell me. I also appreciate any tips or requests about my posts, so add your comments below.

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