Sammydress defied that plus-size woman would not buy trend-led fashion, to turn a start-up into a booming business.

sammydress plus size dressAs plus-size fashion grows its profile on the main street, affordable international fashion e-retailer brand Sammydress, take its first quarter of 2017 sales data as a basis, summed up the fashion trend of women in the purchase of plus size clothing in 2017.

“Sammydress starts with the plus size category in 2015 when we found it was the larger sizes that sold well. Some customers were just as much as shipping as they did for larger size dresses, so we knew it would be A hot category. Now the plus-size category becomes the main sales category for Sammydress, and we are getting more and more know about what our curve girl want” Sammydress’s operations specialist Layla Jim said.

We want to be comfortable and free. when I wear a plus size dress, I do not want to afraid that my dress angle shrinks to my thighs once I moved, or I do not want to control my belly just because eat too much in the morning.

But we refuse to be ordinary, I do not want my tops in the closet are all the basic styles, just in the colour and pattern to do the distinction, I want to look sexy and curves.

Sportswear leading brand Nike in March launched the first set of plus size sportswear. H & M also launched plus-size line last month. Lane Bryant, which always sells plus size. It does seem that the tide is Turning, but progress on the main street is still too slow, many main street retailers continue to hold the idea that plus-size women would not buy trend-led fashion and launch basic plus-size style.

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