Takeaways:Here are 7 tips for shopping from Sammydress offered by Sammydress VIP member Sidhe. Thank you for your contribution and support, Sidhe. Our editor do some sorting to help customers get the points more easily. We hope it would help you to save big when shopping online. (source: Sitejabber )

Tip 1: Oversea shipping is not cheap:

Depending on what I’m buying, shipping costs can outweigh the benefits. So, I try to put together an order of items that all have free shipping, or a bulk order at standard rates. Ps: Make sure you understand your shipping options (cost and timing) before placing your order.

Tip 2: Find your best size on Sammydress

Be a savvy successful shopper by: checking your size on the chart shown for every single item (different suppliers might vary their sizing templates). You can also see the graph showing how well the item fit other buyers. Check fabric type and other details in the product description.

Tip 3: Before you purchase from Sammydress, read its policy.

Read the Sammydress buying tips on site like Contact Us, Shipping Info and Return Policy, so you can make good decisions and have a fun, satisfying shopping experience.

Tip 4: Ask different questions with different sammydress contact service

Ask any presale questions in the online chat. Submit other questions via the ticket system, accessible via your free account. (I always get speedy, polite replies with solid solutions.)

Tip 5: Be their VIP member

The VIP rewards make pricing even better. The online community are really positive.

Tip 6: if you have pay for a order but the order status is still shown in processing, pls calm down.

It’s not Sammydress stealing your money. Popular or sale items can sell out quickly. If something I order is out of stock, the Sammydress staff alert me immediately and offer a credit, or to let me know when it’s restocked. Both options have worked for me in different cases. Sammydress – as a hosting agent for other manufacturers – must put their suppliers through rigorous checks in order to maintain quality stock.

Tip 7:  Online shopping is risk, Not everything is perfect.

If your first shopping from Sammydress is not happy, don’t hold the idea that Sammydress is a scam or a bad online store, just contact Sammydress customer service. In 9 months of shopping, I’ve only had two hiccups: #1 – a single item parcel was sent to the wrong country (by Singapore post, not Sammydress) – I got a full refund by showing the tracking history in my order details, and a 10% discount for my next order; #2 – an item of $2 jewelry was broken on arrival. I took photos to show the customer service team, who gave me a partial refund.

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