31 Dec, 2016

First impressions, lasting satisfaction – Sidhe

While browsing my facebook newsfeed, I noticed a fashion ad showing some great styles for men. My son has a diploma in fashion design, so I thought he might be interested.

Arriving on the Sammydress site was like entering Aladdin’s cave of wonders. I was wowed by the diverse selection of items, and immediately started building my list of favorites.

I sat with my son and we trawled the different pages together “oohing” and “aahing” at the designs. We put together our first order (for over USD400), and then gleefully waited for it to arrive. After about a week, I revisited the store and realised how many new products get listed each day. This was surely something to follow. What a fun thing to do with my morning coffee.

sammydress sidhe

Over the next few months and throughout the year, we kept finding more delightful items to order. It was like Christmas every time a new parcel arrived.

Now, after shopping with Sammydress for one year, I have created such an exciting wardrobe for myself. My son is thrilled with his new clothes, since they perfectly match his style and he doesn’t have to take time out to sew. We also have some really nice additions to the house: cushions, lighting, kitchen items. The BEST part, though, is connecting with the lovely team members. They are so friendly and helpful. Now, as a VIP member, I get extra discounts, I connect with other happy shoppers, and I share tips with newcomers – so I really feel like I am part of a great community! I’ll be a Sammydresser for life. =D

sammydress sidhe reviews


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